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So I was lax and didn’t get anything posted yesterday. I was actually pretty busy. Was going to post the smiles from the weekend but didn’t get around to it. So here’s an all-inclusive list from Friday through Yesterday:

1. MY KIDS ARE HOME! I am very grateful they are home. This year was worse on me than ever. I’ll just leave it at that but they had a blast.
2. Movies! We took the kids to see Rocket Man at the dollar show Sunday. They saw it while in North Carolina but wanted to “take us” to see it so we all went and it was a very good movie. Fun doing that kind of thing with them.
3. Good Times! One of my friends got married in Vegas about a month ago then had a reception on Saturday night. It was great fun connecting with old friends and having a good time.
4. Bike Rides! The kids and I have gone on a bike ride the last two days. Granted, mom doesn’t go very far because she is so very out of shape, but hence the bike riding: I’m getting in shape even if it kills me!
5. Weight Loss! Another good week!
6. School Starts Today! I know – I’m over my five but I have 3 days worth of stuff to post here so it’s ok. Sam, Liz and I went yesterday morning for Sam’s football physical and then went to their schools to get a feel for class location, etc. They had a great time and were very excited to get back in school. Funny. I don’t remember being excited AT ALL. I’m glad they enjoy it and I hope that lasts!
7. My brother! Left me a voice mail yesterday as ‘Catholic Guy’. If you don’t know, I cannot explain it by a mere written word. Ask me sometime and I’ll tell you. If you do know, then you know I did not just smile but gut laughed!
8. My sisters! Each in their own way support me and encourage me so very much.

Tomorrow – I’m instituting Wordless Wednesday. It’ll be all pictures – maybe just one, maybe more. But you’ll see. Hopefully I remember.

And I’m asking for prayers. I have three VERY hot irons in the fire regarding new employment and I’m hoping one of them is THE place for me!