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FYI - the date on these pictures are wrong, they were taken 7/10/2005.

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I’m a slacker. I was asked to “guest blog” Aunt Sue’s blog and include pictures of our Hurricane Disaster Relief and I had to logon to the blog thing, and of course, be reminded that I hadn’t updated my own since APRIL. And so very much has happened since April, well after all it was only 5 months ago.

Let’s see, the boys have come and gone since then, they stayed May 28th through July 31st. We had a great time with them. Only major medical issues over the summer were my hysterectomy in June and then Sam was hospitalized overnight in late July because he had some sort of flu bug and he subsequently got dehydrated. And – Dad has been sick and in the hospital just not that long ago. Went in for pneumonia, ended up with congestive heart failure, atrial fibrillation, diabetes and two stints in his heart. Robbie thinks it was kind of like when you take your car to the shop for a tune-up and the mechanic looks under your hood and says “Oh shit!” Well, of course, Robbie didn’t say the expletive; I had to add that part. But, Dad is doing better. He is still very weak, but getting stronger every day.

I had my first family get together, where the entire family came over. We had a grand time – will post pictures. Not sure if anyone ever looks on here for updates anymore anyway, but hey, I’ll surprise those that do.

Gas prices suck! Robbie has to fill up about 2-3 times per week and with that big Dodge Hemi, it’s costing a fortune! I say he needs to talk to his boss about a gas card. I know they do that because the guy he used to ride with has one.

I started my Catholic classes this Monday past. I still have a lot of unanswered questions but of course, it was only the first class. Thing is, I’m somewhat feeling….”called”, if you will, to Randy’s church (non-denominational), which I’ve visited the past few weeks and helped out with their Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. As it turns out, Sam and Lizzie are not going to attend the PSR Catholic classes on Wednesday night. I figured out they are more wanting ‘instruction and fun’ than to actually “be” Catholic. However, Randy’s church does not have a Wednesday night children’s ministry yet. They are still a relatively new church so they don’t have that yet. Randy, being wonderfully insightful, started a thought in my head. What if it me that is supposed to start this ministry? What if, Robbie and I are supposed to do this and that is why I am having all these reservations and misgivings about the Catholic Church? And, what shocked me even more, was when I broached the subject to Robbie, he said he would love to start a children’s ministry there. Wow – lot’s to think about!
Anyway, I have updated this thing, for my dear readers who probably have given up and moved on. I'll add some pictures of my family get together.