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So, there I was going about my daily routine when I noticed the hit counter on my blog was through the roof. My first reaction was that someone noticed the incredibly witty way in which I write and will contact me soon to become a featured columnist in his or her syndicated national newspaper. But it was not to be. The Auntie’s have posted a link to me on their popular family gazette. So now I may have more than 2 hits a month! How exciting. Guess I’ll have to update more often. Ha.

We had Dad’s 79th birthday party at the Valley (lot) Saturday. The Valley also had a haunted hayride for the kids and a spooky house and gave out candy and all kinds of stuff. What a great time! Chris and Rick came up with William and camped for the weekend, too. Of course, we told Dad this was just practice for next year’s big 80! We’ll do one in March for mom’s birthday, too. Then we’ll have their 50th anniversary. We’re just a party family. Actually, just any excuse to hang out with my family for me. Stef and Dan celebrated their 25th anniversary this year. And yep, it was an occasion to get together!

The cabin in the woods has four walls now. We’re building a barn style roof that will be the sleeping loft. Brett and Sam put the little tent in the unfinished cabin and slept in it. I think Brett loves it down there with us. He asked Robbie on the way home Sunday if we were absolutely sure we weren’t going again this weekend. I promised him anytime he wants to go and his mom says ok, he can go, even if we just go for the day.

Sam fell off his bike and we thought he broke his arm but turns out it was a growth plate injury. Which they cast anyway so he wore a cast for 3 weeks from his shoulder to his knuckles. Just call him Grace.

We had Parent Teacher conferences last week. They are both doing wonderful in school except for the fact that both of them seem to talk too much. Gee, I wonder where they got that. I remember my first grade teacher telling my mother that it’s not that I talk too much; it’s that I had a lot to say. We’re born yackers. That’s Lizzie’s word. She says she can’t help it if she’s a yacker. I think her Auntie Bebe called her that once and it stuck.

Robbie and I are having lots of fun with our Team Kid thing at church. I’m really enjoying being around all the kids.

Well, that’s it for now. I figured if I was going to have a massive stream of traffic, I better at least update and give the latest. More later…