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So my sister and I have been communicating on Yahoo Instant Messenger when time allows during the day. Or when the Man isn’t lurking around somewhere. But they have what they call Audibles where you can go through lists of funny things, hello’s, bye’s, insults, etc. where you can click on the funny and if the sound is up, it’ll say stupid things on the other persons computer. For example, I had my back to my computer and all the sudden it said “Hey, you got some brown on your nose.” Or something to that effect. I laughed so hard I cried. And my boss has this “Sixth Sense” or something of the sort where if you get a personal phone call or if you are doing anything remotely personal at your desk, he suddenly appears. Even if it’s a 30 second call, he somehow knows. So of course, I’ve had to cut way back on my Messenger/Audible usage. But one stuck out and has now been branded as my motto.

I mean, really. Can I? I don’t think this is what I had in mind when I used to say “When I grow up, I wanna…..”

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