I love comments!

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I about fell outta my chair! Somebody commented! I LOVE comments! Keep commenting, dear readers, all two of you.

And I guess it was time again for an update. My chili was good, but it didn’t last longer than about 10 minutes. Something new - I have been spreading my culinary wings as of late. Trying new recipes, pouring over cookbooks…feeling like my mother. She absolutely loves to “read” cookbooks. How the heck do you read a cookbook? There’s no plot, unless you consider boiling a narrative to delve into. Anyway – she enjoys looking through cookbooks while I would much prefer a good suspense novel, but to each her own. I made this chicken stuff – man it was good. Can’t remember the name of it.

Robbie and I made our “media closet” and then turned the empty, good-for-nothing-but-collecting-dust-bunnies space behind the front door into useable space! I made a two-tier shoe/boot shelf with a hat/mitten bin on the end, and he made the coat hanger upper thingies. We stained and shellacked them. How do you spell shellac? That doesn’t look right.

Everyone is staying relatively health (knock on wood). I go to the doctor this morning for a follow up on my blood pressure. It’s still way high (got up to 190/110), sheesh. But, hopefully we’ll get it under control. It’s been about 6 months now since I started going to the doctor for it, about a year since it’s been high. Sam goes to the allergist Thursday for his 6-month follow up. Lets hope she gives us good new and says he doesn’t have to come back for a year! Although, spring and early summer are Sam’s worst times of year so lets get though this one without a hospitalization.

My friend Elizabeth whose mother passed away this past August has found out her father will no longer be getting chemo and when the time comes, he will go into hospice. I didn’t understand until her mom died that hospice means you’re almost to the end. I feel so terrible for her, first losing her mother and now probably going to lose her dad within a year. He has had cancer for quite some time but apparently has always been on the winning end of the battle. She also lost her brother to a rare form of cancer a few years back. Man, I wish I could convey to her how deeply I feel for her about all that, but that’s hard to put into words especially when she is still going through it. I just hope she knows I am here for her.

Finally got to work on my taxes, don’t want to talk about that. Thought I was getting a great big refund but made a grave error and realize now – that for the first time ever in my life, I OWE! Like I said, I don’t want to talk about that.

Had a great Valentine’s Day! Robbie showed up at my work in a tux and delivered flowers to me. Even better than florist delivery, don’t you think? He’s so wonderful. And they were daisies! My favorite. I am truly a lucky woman.
OK, well, better get my butt in gear for the day. Maybe Ed McMahon will call me, give me good news and I can retire by postcard from a hut on the beach in Curacao. Wish me luck…