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I am SO excited! My favorite things partner Mindy from The Lady Bug Farm sent my package early and I got it today. I will tell you now, it could not have come at a better time. I am home sick today. I was absolutely positive I had pneumonia but I went to one of those new Walgreens Take Care Clinics and they said it was just an Upper Respiratory Infection. I still can't breathe and my temperature is 101.4 and I can't stop coughing, so at this point I don't care what it is, just fix it! So imagine how excited I got when I stumbled through the living room to find a package all for me on the stairs. I thought at first it was some speakers I ordered so I wasn't too excited until I saw it wasn't from the speaker place. If I'd felt better I'd have strutted back through the house doing Sam's oonce oonce dance. As it was, I grabbed my box and headed back to my sickroom (my bedroom) and delved in!
A peek inside the box...A note from Mindy on a DAISY! My very favorite flower....and then I realized she'd made the card AND taken the photo of the daisy! A CD of Mamma Mia! I have yet to see the movie but I will be listening to this soon! I love ABBA!Apparently, Mindy also loves purses, totes, bags and wallets. Isn't this little bag an absolute gem?
And a journal! I used to journal (manually) a long time ago, but haven't done so since the inception of my blog so I'm excited to start writing in it!

I think these are my favorite! LOOK at these cards!!! She MADE them! They are absolutely beautiful, and the photos are all hers, too! Mindy - I just moved into a new home and I'm actually thinking of framing these and putting them on my wall! And a book! Another "favorite" thing we have in common. I can't wait to start reading this one.

As we speak (or as I type), my treasures are covering the bed and I am so excited. Mindy and I share alot of favorite things...I just hope she enjoys the things I sent her as much as I am enjoying what she sent me! Mindy - let me know when you get it! It should be to you tomorrow!!

And for those of you that are wondering where I've been since I haven't blogged in a month, I'm digging out of a mountain of boxes after our move. So in other words, I've been "nesting". To say I love it here would be a gross understatement. I have completely unpacked my kitchen stuff and I still have 4 empty cabinets! And it's so QUIET. Especially at night. I'm not being jarred awake at 3am by screaming in the street to come, I promise. But for now, y'all...I'm off to my sickbed.