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I don’t update very often. I rarely have time but maybe, just maybe, I will make a habit to try at least once a week. And I think if you add up this one, it’s been twice already. Holy old mother of milk cow, hold your socks on again. I don’t think I’ve ever updated twice in one week.

We had our TeamKid classes last night. We always have so much fun. The kids really enjoy it but I think I enjoy it more than they do. How crazy is that.

Halloween was fun. Lizzie went as a “gothic princess” and Sam was the scary dude from Scary movie. We went all over Troy, into a big subdivision and of course, had to go to Aunt Steffie’s house. They love Aunt Stef and Uncle Dan. This is the first year since we’ve lived in Troy that we haven’t gone trick or treating with them. But it was ok because we dragged Robbie along and made him drive. He doesn’t mind a bit. What a great guy. The city of Troy always has a few “drive thru” places on Halloween set up by the Kiwanis and the Ladies Auxiliary Club. All the stores on Main Street had their decorations out – some were even open late and handing out candy.

Baseball season is over. I heard on the radio that some people actually need psychotherapy after the adrenaline rush is over. I love my baseball and all, but I’m patient enough to know it starts again in the spring. I don’t think I need therapy to get through the winter months. But then again, I’m a huge fan, not a fanatic.

Anybody else watch House on TV? I LOVE that guy! I never (literally) watched TV before Robbie moved in. Maybe, on occasion, I would watch a movie, but that was about it. Since he’s moved in I am now addicted to House and ER. He’s even bought me the first 4 seasons of ER on DVD. Now I’m going to need House although I’ve watched it from the beginning. The TV directs my Tuesdays and Thursdays. Thank God for the DVR. With that, I can watch them in my spare time - like at 2am when I’m supposed to be catching up on the sleep I never get.

I finally went to the doctor for this cold I have had for the last 4½ weeks. Of course, my doctor explained it’s not a cold. A cold doesn’t last 4½ weeks. This is an infection, for which I need antibiotics. Respiratory infection, sinus infection and ear infections. Fun Fun Fun – I ‘m one big infected hair-ball coughing snot bag. Gross. I think my doctor just kind of mentally pats me on the head and tells me to steer clear of WebMD.com. Of course, I have this habit of self-diagnosing. I went in there about a year ago thinking I had lockjaw because I’d been floating and swimming in a river where cows had frequented. He kindly explained I didn’t have lockjaw otherwise I wouldn’t be talking by then. I don’t remember what I had now. All I know is that it wasn’t lockjaw.

OK so, we’ve established I don’t update very often, but I’m also bad about e-mailing back. I will, I promise. Most of the time I check at work and then don’t have time to get back to anyone for fear of “getting busted”. I’m not allowed to do anything personal at work. SO, I will check my e-mail because I can minimize that pretty quick, but actually replying takes some crafty slyness. Bear with me though…

So gotta run. More later. And try not to be too disappointed if it’s longer than a week until my next update. I’m trying, really I am.