Wishful thinking....

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Ever wish your year would just be over so you could start fresh? I’m so hoping that 2005 goes a little smoother than 2004 did. Between Sam in the hospital, Mom in the hospital, Lizzie in the hospital TWICE, Sam breaking his arm, my two broken teeth, Robbie’s tooth issue, Lizzie’s teeth issues, the lumps in my armpit and my high blood pressure (no wonder?), I’m just ready to go relax for a while. Unless my legs are falling off with gangrene or I’ve suddenly developed amoebic dysentery, I am going to refuse to go to the doctor/dentist/hospital for quite some time. I’m on a first name basis with the nurses in the pediatric ward at St. Johns. They know us by sight.

I am not ready for Christmas, though. I have shopping to do and I don’t want to do it. Its hard trying to figure out what everyone wants. On top of that, I have to finish the calendars still. Last year, I already had them done, printed and bound by now. I’ll get them done, eventually. I am queen of procrastinators. I think I’ll make a New Year resolution to just be the joker on that royal court instead of the queen. But, that’s a long shot and I’ll probably break it by January 2nd.

Because of all the medical mayhem, I’ve had to miss a lot of work and without pay since I ran out of vacation days back when mom was in the hospital. Robbie has not taken a vacation this year at all, so he cashed in his vacation time for money to pay the airfare for the boys to come visit. But, since I missed so much work, we’ve had to use that money for living expenses and bills and we were going to have to forego this year’s trip. ALAS – Aunt Rose to the rescue once again. She’s offered to pay for $400 of the $540 trip and all we had to come up with is $140. And of course, Chris to the rescue too – she’s started a $140 fund to help defer those costs as well. Can you believe the generosity and compassion of my friends and family? If it weren’t for them, I’d be dead, homeless or completely psycho. As it is, I’m just a little crazy, but at least I’m not alone.
My parents came to visit last weekend. Well, not really to visit, we had a power outage in a portion of our house and Dad and Robbie were trying to figure out what was wrong. Turned out it was a broken wire outside, but this was only found out after 2 days without most power. They said they’d never seen my house so messy – my dad wrote his name in the dust on my table, I called him the next day to make him proud – I DUSTED. My mom told me my plants needed water, they were drooping, and I called her the next day to make her proud – I WATERED! My mom also told me I needed to dust my ceiling fans, I told her the next day I CLEANED THE FANS! She also told me I needed to update my blog once in a while, so here it is mom, to make you proude, I UPDATED! (Don’t faint)