Melancholy today...

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Time seems to be flying by. I think I understand now what they mean by you pick up speed when you go over the hill and start rolling down. Not that I’m over the hill yet. Or maybe I am – realizing lately that if I live to be 76 I am now……M I D D L E A G E D. Good Lord, when did that happen?

My friend Elizabeth has to be one of the most organized people I know and she is really involved with her kids. Not that every other mother I know is not involved – she has more time. She is a stay at home mommy and does cool things for and with her children. Read her blog (link to the right) and you’ll see what I mean. She is also very good at chronicling her life and that of her children. One of the coolest things she does is write them letters. Her daughter just turned 5 and she wrote her a “5th Birthday Letter”. I’m sure she’s written 1, 2, 3 and 4 also (as well as others) and has them stashed away so when Katie grows up, she’ll have this stack of letters to read from her mom. How cool would that be? Lizzie turns 10 Saturday. TEN! My babies are all growing up. So, in Elizabeth Tradition, I have decided to write Lizzie a letter. Maybe I’ll post it, I don’t know. I’ll think on that one.

Matthew has come and gone. He was here for a month and I wish I could’ve hidden him away so he would have to stay longer. I threatened to lock him in the basement until his flight left. I think he was sad to go but probably happy to get home. His mama has got to be missing him more than ever, especially since Drew is gone. Maybe next year he’ll get to spend the whole summer. I am hoping, as is Robbie.

We finally finished the bedroom. I think it turned out fabulous! I’ll post pictures when I can.

Nathan & Nicole got married on June 14th. What a great wedding! They were married at Stef and Dan’s outside. Beautiful weather for the day and everyone was able to attend. They went off to the Florida Keys for two weeks for their honeymoon. See what I mean about getting old?? My baby nephew is MARRIED!

Sabrina and I have joined Weight Watchers and Curves together. So far we are doing good. We walked in the Susan Komen Race for the Cure together too. That was a lot of fun.

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Again – time is just flying by.