What the heck...?

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I am still going strong on my lack of snooze button use. Well, sortof. Robbie has been home this week so it's always weird getting up and getting ready for work with him there. He actually had the audacity to ask me Tuesday if I realized my alarm had gone off. HELLO? Um, yes, but I'm stretching it. I think I'll be back to my old-new self Monday when he's already been gone for an hour by the time it goes off.

My twelve-year-old son and my nine-year-old daughter were approached two days in a row while walking home from school by punks trying to sell drugs. My Sammy, being the ever-astute young man, hightailed his self to the police station – which happened to be right there! He had the details on the people in the car, the type and color of car, but no license plate numbers because the car did not have any. I don't think many people, let alone twelve year olds would've thought to get all that. I was reassured by an officer yesterday that these jackasses were caught due to Sam’s diligence and they were proud of the good deed he had done. How proud was I?! What kind of IDIOT approaches two children, especially in front of the police station? And again, what is wrong with the people in this country??