William Virgil Stone, Born November 14, 2005

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These are pictures of Chris and Rick's baby, William Virgil Stone born Monday, November 14, 2005. Isn't he cute??

Somebody reads me!

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Uncle Walter and Uncle Richard were here this weekend past (as you'll see from the pictures below) and I found out not only does my most wonderful Uncle Walter actually read my blog, he visits several times a week to see if I've updated! Someone actually waits for updates! So - I am now being held accountable for updating and feeling the need to update more often. No, I didn't say it would happen, I said I am feeling the need. I shall try, in earnest, to update regularly.

What a wonderful visit we had with our east coast family. I am so very glad they got to come. I am going to try to get together our entire clan for a road trip this summer. And I mean ALL of us, Stef, Dan, Nathan, Jacob, Dave, Sabrina, Josh, Lauren, Alex, Brett, Randy, Lynn, Erica, Amanda, Connor, Robbie, Me, Andrew, Matthew, Sam, Lizzie, Mom & Dad. Wouldn't that be something! Anyway, I've posted only some of the 105 pictures I took of their visit. I'll try to add more as time allows. Friday, Robbie, the kids and I all went to Mom and Dad's, had dinner and pulled out the mandolin, guitar and banjo and just sang and talked. Then Saturday we went to Stef's for a bonfire get together, but it rained so we threw some wood in the barbecue pit, sat in the garage and again, sang and talked. I got to see Walter and Richard briefly Sunday then they headed back early this morning. Was a whirlwind of a visit, but it was a good one! Since I know he's reading - I'll just state my case right now. Uncle Walter - it will NOT be 15 years until our next visit. I promise! And I was glad to see Uncle Richard, also. Maybe I'll get to know him even more, like I've gotten to know Uncle Walter. Isn't e-mail great?

So, in all this excitement, my best friend had her baby today! William Virgil Stone, 11/14/2005, 6 pounds 6 ounces, 19 inches long! They've been trying for 12 years to have a child and out of everyone I know, they deserve it most. They've had 4 wonderful kids, but they were mine. Now she finally has one of her own. I am so very excited for her. She called tonight and was pretty drugged up, but was excited, I could tell. They had to take him c-section because he'd had a bowel movement in utero, so it was critical they get him out of there. They did and he's fine. She's fine, except she just realized she can't give him back and lock the door when he gets to crying! She'll make a wonderful mother.

I found out a few weeks ago that I'm getting a 5% raise after the first of the year and then I found out Saturday that Robbie got a raise last week! So - that's a good thing. I always like to make more money, but then again, I also just want Ed McMahon to visit my doorstep so I can retire and not care what my hourly wage is. Seem selfish? Nah, just pipe dreams.

Sam and Lizzie are doing great in school. Sam's grades are awesome! He has all A's except 2 B's, is on the honor roll for the first time (first time eligible), and is on the homework club because he turned in all homework assignments on time. Lizzie is doing great, they don't have honor roll yet, but her teacher did say she's doing wonderful! Seems like all is going ok in that area.

I don't know what else to write about. WHOA - me! At a loss for words! Shocking. And it's already almost 11. My uncles should be home tomorrow so this will be updated for Uncle Walter's return! HI! I love you! Wish you could've stayed longer. Tell Uncle Richard to get me his e-mail so we can converse!

I think I'm going to bed.

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Pictures from this weekend past with Uncle Walter and Unlce Richard! Uncanny - the similarities between Uncle Walter and my dad.

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FYI - the date on these pictures are wrong, they were taken 7/10/2005.

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I’m a slacker. I was asked to “guest blog” Aunt Sue’s blog and include pictures of our Hurricane Disaster Relief and I had to logon to the blog thing, and of course, be reminded that I hadn’t updated my own since APRIL. And so very much has happened since April, well after all it was only 5 months ago.

Let’s see, the boys have come and gone since then, they stayed May 28th through July 31st. We had a great time with them. Only major medical issues over the summer were my hysterectomy in June and then Sam was hospitalized overnight in late July because he had some sort of flu bug and he subsequently got dehydrated. And – Dad has been sick and in the hospital just not that long ago. Went in for pneumonia, ended up with congestive heart failure, atrial fibrillation, diabetes and two stints in his heart. Robbie thinks it was kind of like when you take your car to the shop for a tune-up and the mechanic looks under your hood and says “Oh shit!” Well, of course, Robbie didn’t say the expletive; I had to add that part. But, Dad is doing better. He is still very weak, but getting stronger every day.

I had my first family get together, where the entire family came over. We had a grand time – will post pictures. Not sure if anyone ever looks on here for updates anymore anyway, but hey, I’ll surprise those that do.

Gas prices suck! Robbie has to fill up about 2-3 times per week and with that big Dodge Hemi, it’s costing a fortune! I say he needs to talk to his boss about a gas card. I know they do that because the guy he used to ride with has one.

I started my Catholic classes this Monday past. I still have a lot of unanswered questions but of course, it was only the first class. Thing is, I’m somewhat feeling….”called”, if you will, to Randy’s church (non-denominational), which I’ve visited the past few weeks and helped out with their Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. As it turns out, Sam and Lizzie are not going to attend the PSR Catholic classes on Wednesday night. I figured out they are more wanting ‘instruction and fun’ than to actually “be” Catholic. However, Randy’s church does not have a Wednesday night children’s ministry yet. They are still a relatively new church so they don’t have that yet. Randy, being wonderfully insightful, started a thought in my head. What if it me that is supposed to start this ministry? What if, Robbie and I are supposed to do this and that is why I am having all these reservations and misgivings about the Catholic Church? And, what shocked me even more, was when I broached the subject to Robbie, he said he would love to start a children’s ministry there. Wow – lot’s to think about!
Anyway, I have updated this thing, for my dear readers who probably have given up and moved on. I'll add some pictures of my family get together.

The Drama Queen Updateth

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Well. I know that drama in our life keeps us from being bored, however...can I be bored now? For about the next ten years please? We've had so much going on lately that I think my life can run parallel to either a bad Soap Opera or a funny, in a sick sort of sense, sitcom. Or then again, maybe just a Jerry Springer episode - pick your fancy. Nothing has happened yet today, but then again, I'm still awake and the night is young.

Sam had an asthma attack Monday night while roller blading with his friends. Luckily, the friends were astute enough to race home and get us. Robbie took of at a fast paced trot with the inhaler and arrived just before the EMS people. Sam couldn't remember what "etic" he was, diabetic or asthmatic. Luckily, Robbie was there. We've thanked his friends profusely and keep doing so. I couldn't get there fast enough because I hobble around on a gimp foot. The story behind that one to follow. By the time I got there all was well and he was doing much better. I tore my ace wrap to shreds running/hobbling across the rocks. And then he looked at me with those big blue eyes and big crocodile tears in them and simply asked, "Mom, will I ever grow out of this?" My heart nearly broke in two for him.

Then last night, he was bitten by a dog. Not too bad of a bite, but did break the skin on the back of his leg and is now quite a large bruise. After I had 'words' (let's just leave it at that) with the owner of the dog, I found out the dog has never had any shots, and has never been to the Vet. Lovely! So, now the City is involved, the dog is quarantined and I have to keep an eye on Sam. Not that I think the dog has rabies or anything, but HELLO - you live in the City Limits, there is an ordinance that says every July 1st you have to get a new license for your dog and in order to have said license your dogs shots must be up to date. And what kind of a nutcase has a dog and never takes it to the Vet?! It's unsafe for the dog and any neighborhood kids, especially since the dog seems to have a propensity toward using it's big snarly canine teeth to get it's point across!

I have injured my foot. Working on the garden, Robbie and I were putting up the corner fence posts and one of the 4x4's fell on my foot. Went to the ER, they said not broken, but it was crushed and I had a helluva hematoma. Those are fancy medical terms, too. But as Lizzie so accurately put it, "Mommy, your foot looks like one of those big cartoon foots!" Twelve days later it is still tender, I still cannot wear a shoe, it's still the color of grape jelly and somewhat swollen. I went ahead and went to my doctor just to be sure and I won't get in to all the soap opera, second opinion crap but, to make a long story short...even if it is broken, they apparently do not cast feet anymore. They just stuff it in an ace bandage and say take it off when it quits hurting. Okeydokey. I will do that.

Lizzie got hit in the eye while walking behind a moving swing. Has a beaut of a shiner. She's ok, but she looks like a poster child for abuse victims. Hell, if you think about it, we all do. Except Robbie, and as my mom said, it's going to start looking suspicious, ha ha. I told him we can't all be so perfect so I make up for it by tripping over my own two feet and falling out of my chair at work on a regular basis. Just call me Grace.

My brother-in-law had some sort of seizure/stroke over the weekend. They are not sure what is going on with him, but maybe he just overdid things Saturday while working in the yard. It's weird, but I always knew I loved him like a brother but I don't think I knew quite how much I loved him until Sunday. And then he tore his cartilage in his knee so now he has crutches and they can't do the stress test on Friday because he can't walk. My sister has something going on with her neuro system and has alot of numbness in her hands. I'm beginning to feel like my drama problems are wearing off on other members of my family. Maybe I should stay away. Maybe I should wear a sign around my neck that says, Stay Away. I have like drama voodoo or something. I don't really believe that but you know, after so much crap, you just really start to wonder....

Dear Diary...

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Wow - it's been awhile. Again. I have an anonymous commenter who apparently thinks it is time to update. Guess I would have to agree.

Robbie is coaching Sam's baseball team this year and I, as a dutiful coaches wife and player's mother, have decided I would upkeep the team website. Let us hope and pray I update it more often than I do my own blog. Our first team practice was yesterday and it went very well. Robbie was the most excited about how excited the kids were and how much fun they seem to have. And he only heard one comment about being the old guy that can keep up with the kids. Kids say the darndest things.... Anyway, our website is http://ppp-allstars.tripod.com/ Feel free to visit and tell all your buddies so our hit counter gets way up there.

I was sick this past week. I was almost 100% sure I had pneumonia but alas, the chest x-ray had final say and I apparently did not. My trachea was inflamed, whatever the hell that means and I had an upper respriratory infection. I couldn't talk above a whisper and if I did, then I croaked. First round of antibiotics did nothing to appease anything so the doc tried a different one. I am much better today, thankfully, the last day of the weekend. I did venture out some yesterday but could tell by day's end that I'd had enough.

The boy's will be here end of May through beginning of August. I am very much looking forward to it, as I know Robbie is. We have room for them now even!

Easter was good, I made a dirt cake and a bunny cake. Had a lot of fun with them, too!

Wow, so like, no wonder I never update. Nothing is really going on. I got glasses. Went to happy hour with Gena and Diane. Watched the fights at Stef's two weekends ago. I have a garden going, Robbie has been diligently tilling and shoveling for me. Other than that, not much else. Knock on wood, the kids seem to be staying well. Sam did have an ear infection two weeks ago but thank goodness that was all it turned out to be. We'll see how this Spring goes with allergies...pray for him.

Terry Schiavo has been a hot topic as of late. I know we all have personal opinions about it and yes, I know you've heard them all. But, here is another. I, personally, do not think politics and the government should have been involved AT ALL. And why is it that the husband waited 10 years before he suddenly announced that Terry had wishes about not wanting to live like that? She was NOT on life support, she did NOT have a breathing machine and the only thing medically needed to sustain her was the feeding tube. So - they starved her to death. Boy, tell you what, try that on a golden retriever and you'll have the animal rights people on your ass and in jail so fast it will make your head spin. I completely 100% disagree with what they did to her. She had people who were more than willing to take full responsibility for her care and they should've been given the rights to do so. Jessie, my niece, had a feeding tube that went up her nose and into her stomach. She had what the doctor's said was the brain level of a 2 month old, she never walked, talked, sat up or much of anything else, but I do know, she had more knowledge of what was going on around her than most people gave her credit for. And if someone had said you HAVE TO PULL THE FEEDING TUBE, I am sure I would be spending my life in prison. Ok - sorry, enough of my soapbox. I can say a whole lot more but I don't think my blog capacity would hold it all.

Ok, I am done now. Until next time...

I love comments!

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I about fell outta my chair! Somebody commented! I LOVE comments! Keep commenting, dear readers, all two of you.

And I guess it was time again for an update. My chili was good, but it didn’t last longer than about 10 minutes. Something new - I have been spreading my culinary wings as of late. Trying new recipes, pouring over cookbooks…feeling like my mother. She absolutely loves to “read” cookbooks. How the heck do you read a cookbook? There’s no plot, unless you consider boiling a narrative to delve into. Anyway – she enjoys looking through cookbooks while I would much prefer a good suspense novel, but to each her own. I made this chicken stuff – man it was good. Can’t remember the name of it.

Robbie and I made our “media closet” and then turned the empty, good-for-nothing-but-collecting-dust-bunnies space behind the front door into useable space! I made a two-tier shoe/boot shelf with a hat/mitten bin on the end, and he made the coat hanger upper thingies. We stained and shellacked them. How do you spell shellac? That doesn’t look right.

Everyone is staying relatively health (knock on wood). I go to the doctor this morning for a follow up on my blood pressure. It’s still way high (got up to 190/110), sheesh. But, hopefully we’ll get it under control. It’s been about 6 months now since I started going to the doctor for it, about a year since it’s been high. Sam goes to the allergist Thursday for his 6-month follow up. Lets hope she gives us good new and says he doesn’t have to come back for a year! Although, spring and early summer are Sam’s worst times of year so lets get though this one without a hospitalization.

My friend Elizabeth whose mother passed away this past August has found out her father will no longer be getting chemo and when the time comes, he will go into hospice. I didn’t understand until her mom died that hospice means you’re almost to the end. I feel so terrible for her, first losing her mother and now probably going to lose her dad within a year. He has had cancer for quite some time but apparently has always been on the winning end of the battle. She also lost her brother to a rare form of cancer a few years back. Man, I wish I could convey to her how deeply I feel for her about all that, but that’s hard to put into words especially when she is still going through it. I just hope she knows I am here for her.

Finally got to work on my taxes, don’t want to talk about that. Thought I was getting a great big refund but made a grave error and realize now – that for the first time ever in my life, I OWE! Like I said, I don’t want to talk about that.

Had a great Valentine’s Day! Robbie showed up at my work in a tux and delivered flowers to me. Even better than florist delivery, don’t you think? He’s so wonderful. And they were daisies! My favorite. I am truly a lucky woman.
OK, well, better get my butt in gear for the day. Maybe Ed McMahon will call me, give me good news and I can retire by postcard from a hut on the beach in Curacao. Wish me luck…

Holy Jumpin' Jehosephat

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Ok - so. I looked back on my blog and decided it's time again for an update. I've been told that I seem sad in my pages, but I must remind my dear readers (all 2 of them) that my cynical sense of humor is hard to interpret upon mere type written pages. I am not sad, I was trying to impress the unknown cyber world with my keen sense of wit. We've had alot going on, but alas, I am an incredibly strong person and it takes a lot more to put me under. My sense of humor is what keeps me going. If I should ever lose that, I fear I will sink. However, I also must remember first and foremost, I am an ABBOTT, which means I persevere, I am tough as nails, and I have this nose that only a select few can appreciate.

What has happened in the last weeks -- I was not ready for Christmas, but DANG-IT, it came and went anyway. Drew and Matt came and we had a most wonderful visit with them. It is so hard to only see them for a few short weeks during the summer and only one incredibly short week during the winter. We crushed much living within 7 days and they cannot wait to come back. Must say something for their stepmother. You know, she is most cool!

I will be starting RCIA classes in the fall. They are the Catholic classes which the RCIA stands for something but I am not sure exactly what. R is for rite, C is for Christian, I is for something and A is for adult? Anyway, by Easter 2006 I will become a bonafide Catholic, which is kind of crazy for me since it is something I swore to myself I would never do. Religion for me has been something very very personal. I was baptized by my Baptist preacher in 1994 and I have felt since then very strongly about the fact that I am A BAPTIST, DARNIT! Upon moving to Troy (this itty bitty town I live in than when I do not know what I am doing-it doesn't matter because everyone else does), I visited several churches in the hopes of finding one that makes me feel comfortable. As far as denomination goes, I feel it's all the same God, just different roads to get there as long as you know where you are going when you are done here. I visited the Baptist church just a block up the road and I felt like an outsider. I visited the Catholic church and I must say, I have never met many people with a sense of humor more keen than mine, especially a priest. He gave up jokes during mass last year for lent. We went on Easter - Lent.......was over. We heard a barrage of jokes that day, he was making up for lost time. I am used to the Catholic priests that do that monosyllabic thing that makes you want to snore. This Sunday past, he started Mass with a joke about the unpredicted snow we had experienced. He said "Hey, how about that snow we had! Was it unpredicted or what? Yea, I thought it was kind of flakey too....if you get my drift" And the rest of the Mass went from there. I am feeling very "pulled" toward this church. And at this point in time, I don't think it would matter if it were Baptist, Catholic or Pentacostal. Well, I don't do skirts, so maybe the latter of that trio wouldn't do, but you get my drift. And my kids asked me Sunday when they could become Catholics?!

Lizzie was sick again last week, with some sort of stomach flu that has been circulating since Christmas. I missed MORE work, but that's ok. I shall survive (remember that Abbott nose syndrome I have).

I am making homemade chili for dinner, and it smells like it's about done so I best close up for now. Mom - don't faint, I updated!