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I DID IT! I traded in the Hyundai and got me a Monte Carlo! Well, Robbie and I both did. On the way to the airport yesterday the wheel fell off the Hyunda. Yes, off. While I was driving. Scary indeed. Anyway, to make a long story short, I got Lizzie to the airport, came back to the car, towed it to Dobbs, they fixed it and I traded it in. Here's the new baby! Ain't it a beauty!!!!!

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So it's been a while, but not as long as usual. I am updating, although I don't think I have much to say today. Sam's in North Carolina, Lizzie will join him on Wednesday. Robbie, Lizzie and I are going on a float trip this weekend with Randy, should be a blast. Work is still work (Ed? Ed? Hurry soon before I implode!) My car is a piece of crap, I got new furniture, I've lost 10 pounds and that's about it. Not a long update today, but it's at least an update. Happy Birthday, Jess. I still miss you.