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I have been wanting to blog lately. Started and stopped several times but have not actually posted for several reasons. A. I have not had time. B. The words are just a jumble in my head. C. I’m still soaking in that melancholy mood. I have lots and lots that I could whine or complain about. Let me rephrase that. I have lots and lots of things that in my puny little realm of the world I feel warrant a few whines or complaints but I’m continually trying to see the big picture.

For instance, I want a new job. NOW. I have probably 100+ resumes floating around out there and a very real lack of response to these resumes. I had my hands on-this close-to a job that would’ve skyrocketed my career, not to mention boost my salary by about 80%. I was in the running to the end but alas – they ‘hired from within’. UGH. Smack my forehead and bring me a tall one. However, I do know that it’s all in God’s time. If He wants me to have that high falutin’ big salary job, He’ll get it for me. So I’m trying to remain positive and remember – it could be worse. I could have missed that big job while unemployed. Or homeless. Or alone. There are lot’s of ‘ors’.

Another instance. I want a new house. NOW. With gas prices being what they are and our home being so far out, Rob and I spend over $1,200 per month in gas. I know, Rob could get a smaller vehicle. But would the price of a new vehicle car payment be more than the gas? And our house is so tiny and seems to grow smaller by the day. Ever heard of the phrase “the walls were closing in”? Well. They are. But, again trying to see the big picture, one of my very good friends has to move this weekend because her husband lost his job and they can no longer afford their home. So. It could be worse.

There are lots more instances, too. But I will refrain from going on because again, I feel I’m just whining about stupid stuff. I try think about all the ‘ors’.

So the remainder of my blog will be about Gratitude. I will list what I am grateful for. Of course in no particular order, I will just type as they come to my mind.

Gratitude: grat·i·tude –noun [grat-i-tood, -tyood] the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful

Things that I am very grateful for:
1. My God.
2. Answered prayers.
3. My husband. I could spell out so very much right here. He grocery shops. He cooks. He does dishes. He coaches Sam’s baseball team. He is never without a hug for me. He holds me up when I’m ready to break down – which is often these days. He’s wonderful with the kids. He puts his stuff away. He never yells. Shall I continue? Because I can, you know.
4. My kids.
5. My mother.
6. My father.
7. My sisters.
8. My brother.
9. My nephews, nieces, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.
10. My friends.
11. A car that runs.
12. New paint in the bedroom and on the bedroom furniture.
13. My job. Ugh, yes. I said it. I guess the fact that I have one.
14. My home.
15. Weekends.
16. 5:00pm Weekdays.
17. Weight loss, even though it seems minimal at times.
18. A good nights sleep.
19. Sunshine
20. Rain
21. Home grown vegetables
22. My new mascara
23. My good days
24. Getting to go camping.
25. New friends

Maybe I should stop at 25. Thanks for indulging me. I’m having a really hard time lately – probably more of those instances above that I prefer not to talk about but wrestle with constantly. I read somewhere that when you’re feeling blue to spell out all that you are grateful for and reflect on it. So now – I will be in my moments of reflection.