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Okay mom, I am updating.

She replied to this e-mail I sent - 4 things - where you had to answer certain questions about yourself – “4 Things You May Not Know About Me”. One question was “4 Websites You Visit Daily”. Of course, the queen travel agent for guilt trips puts my blog on her list with the tag line “She never updates it.” I know, I know. I’m terrible. I even promised Uncle Walter I’d update more often, because he visits, too. Just start sending me e-mails requesting an update. Maybe I’ll get sick enough of getting a bunch of e-mails telling me to update more often that I’ll actually do it.

My momma was in the hospital last week with some heart issues. Hopefully, they’ll fix it with medication. Part of one of her stents was blocked but they think they can control it without inserting another stent. Which is good, but she also needs to see a neurologist. Her many head traumas may be causing problems in there.

We had a trivia night Saturday. We had a blast and I think we came in 5th out of 30 tables. Not too bad, but I might have done better myself in helping out me fellow teammates if I hadn’t been partaking in the free beer quite so liberally. Plus it was draft, which makes it worse. We didn’t do too badly, though.

Sam’s baseball team had the first practice Saturday. Robbie, again, seems excited about his group of kids. Our veterinarian’s son is on our team and I’m happy about that. I just love our vet and he is as encouraging with all the kids as he with Norman (my dog, not my dad) when we take him.

Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday and also my baby nephew is turning 21 tomorrow. I cannot believe it. I’m feeling so very old these days. Sam saw a telephone with an actual rotary dial on it and said, “What the heck is that thing?” Lizzie wanted to know what an 8-track was. Then asked me if they had cars back in the old time days – you know, mom – back in the eighties. Then wanted to know if we had shoes back then. OH LORD HELP ME.

Work is work. Still the same, I am counting the days until Ed McMahon shows up at my door with a $10 million dollar check. Of course, that probably will never ever happen so I’m now selling candles to bring in some extra cash. The good kind - PartyLite. Anybody who wants to have a party or knows anyone who wants to have a party or whomever just wants to order some candles, let me now. I’m your candle girl. You know the song “Foxy Lady” by Jimi Hendrix? Well – I am “Waxy Lady”. Ha – that’s a good one. Funny too.

I’m coordinating a big b-b-q for our church. They have put me in charge of something. I don’t know which is more scary – being in charge of it or them thinking I can do it? I’m sure it will come of without a hitch – let us hope.

Not much else is going on here. This is my uninteresting life. I think maybe that is why I don’t update often. Just the goings on of a regular ordinary life, quite boring usually. Except for the rare dramas that pop up occasionally, which seem to be fewer and farther between these days. AMEN!

Ok – so let the e-mail bombardment begin. I will try to update more often, please e-mail me to remind me to do so.