Holy Jumpin' Jehosephat

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Ok - so. I looked back on my blog and decided it's time again for an update. I've been told that I seem sad in my pages, but I must remind my dear readers (all 2 of them) that my cynical sense of humor is hard to interpret upon mere type written pages. I am not sad, I was trying to impress the unknown cyber world with my keen sense of wit. We've had alot going on, but alas, I am an incredibly strong person and it takes a lot more to put me under. My sense of humor is what keeps me going. If I should ever lose that, I fear I will sink. However, I also must remember first and foremost, I am an ABBOTT, which means I persevere, I am tough as nails, and I have this nose that only a select few can appreciate.

What has happened in the last weeks -- I was not ready for Christmas, but DANG-IT, it came and went anyway. Drew and Matt came and we had a most wonderful visit with them. It is so hard to only see them for a few short weeks during the summer and only one incredibly short week during the winter. We crushed much living within 7 days and they cannot wait to come back. Must say something for their stepmother. You know, she is most cool!

I will be starting RCIA classes in the fall. They are the Catholic classes which the RCIA stands for something but I am not sure exactly what. R is for rite, C is for Christian, I is for something and A is for adult? Anyway, by Easter 2006 I will become a bonafide Catholic, which is kind of crazy for me since it is something I swore to myself I would never do. Religion for me has been something very very personal. I was baptized by my Baptist preacher in 1994 and I have felt since then very strongly about the fact that I am A BAPTIST, DARNIT! Upon moving to Troy (this itty bitty town I live in than when I do not know what I am doing-it doesn't matter because everyone else does), I visited several churches in the hopes of finding one that makes me feel comfortable. As far as denomination goes, I feel it's all the same God, just different roads to get there as long as you know where you are going when you are done here. I visited the Baptist church just a block up the road and I felt like an outsider. I visited the Catholic church and I must say, I have never met many people with a sense of humor more keen than mine, especially a priest. He gave up jokes during mass last year for lent. We went on Easter - Lent.......was over. We heard a barrage of jokes that day, he was making up for lost time. I am used to the Catholic priests that do that monosyllabic thing that makes you want to snore. This Sunday past, he started Mass with a joke about the unpredicted snow we had experienced. He said "Hey, how about that snow we had! Was it unpredicted or what? Yea, I thought it was kind of flakey too....if you get my drift" And the rest of the Mass went from there. I am feeling very "pulled" toward this church. And at this point in time, I don't think it would matter if it were Baptist, Catholic or Pentacostal. Well, I don't do skirts, so maybe the latter of that trio wouldn't do, but you get my drift. And my kids asked me Sunday when they could become Catholics?!

Lizzie was sick again last week, with some sort of stomach flu that has been circulating since Christmas. I missed MORE work, but that's ok. I shall survive (remember that Abbott nose syndrome I have).

I am making homemade chili for dinner, and it smells like it's about done so I best close up for now. Mom - don't faint, I updated!