Dear Diary...

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Wow - it's been awhile. Again. I have an anonymous commenter who apparently thinks it is time to update. Guess I would have to agree.

Robbie is coaching Sam's baseball team this year and I, as a dutiful coaches wife and player's mother, have decided I would upkeep the team website. Let us hope and pray I update it more often than I do my own blog. Our first team practice was yesterday and it went very well. Robbie was the most excited about how excited the kids were and how much fun they seem to have. And he only heard one comment about being the old guy that can keep up with the kids. Kids say the darndest things.... Anyway, our website is Feel free to visit and tell all your buddies so our hit counter gets way up there.

I was sick this past week. I was almost 100% sure I had pneumonia but alas, the chest x-ray had final say and I apparently did not. My trachea was inflamed, whatever the hell that means and I had an upper respriratory infection. I couldn't talk above a whisper and if I did, then I croaked. First round of antibiotics did nothing to appease anything so the doc tried a different one. I am much better today, thankfully, the last day of the weekend. I did venture out some yesterday but could tell by day's end that I'd had enough.

The boy's will be here end of May through beginning of August. I am very much looking forward to it, as I know Robbie is. We have room for them now even!

Easter was good, I made a dirt cake and a bunny cake. Had a lot of fun with them, too!

Wow, so like, no wonder I never update. Nothing is really going on. I got glasses. Went to happy hour with Gena and Diane. Watched the fights at Stef's two weekends ago. I have a garden going, Robbie has been diligently tilling and shoveling for me. Other than that, not much else. Knock on wood, the kids seem to be staying well. Sam did have an ear infection two weeks ago but thank goodness that was all it turned out to be. We'll see how this Spring goes with allergies...pray for him.

Terry Schiavo has been a hot topic as of late. I know we all have personal opinions about it and yes, I know you've heard them all. But, here is another. I, personally, do not think politics and the government should have been involved AT ALL. And why is it that the husband waited 10 years before he suddenly announced that Terry had wishes about not wanting to live like that? She was NOT on life support, she did NOT have a breathing machine and the only thing medically needed to sustain her was the feeding tube. So - they starved her to death. Boy, tell you what, try that on a golden retriever and you'll have the animal rights people on your ass and in jail so fast it will make your head spin. I completely 100% disagree with what they did to her. She had people who were more than willing to take full responsibility for her care and they should've been given the rights to do so. Jessie, my niece, had a feeding tube that went up her nose and into her stomach. She had what the doctor's said was the brain level of a 2 month old, she never walked, talked, sat up or much of anything else, but I do know, she had more knowledge of what was going on around her than most people gave her credit for. And if someone had said you HAVE TO PULL THE FEEDING TUBE, I am sure I would be spending my life in prison. Ok - sorry, enough of my soapbox. I can say a whole lot more but I don't think my blog capacity would hold it all.

Ok, I am done now. Until next time...