May I have a blogroll please!!

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My good friend Elizabeth has a blogroll. She has a list of interesting & friends blogs on the margin of her blog. She included me in her list so maybe...just maybe...I'll score some more traffic. I love reading other peoples blogs but especially when I know more about that person. In that tradition, I've decided to start my own blogroll. Of course, I only have three at the moment: Elizabeth's and my Aunts and Stef's, but I'm not sure she still blogs. For any new people that happen upon my pages. Comment - tell me what you like/think, I'll add you to the blogroll and we can become Blog Buddies. How cute is that?

Also, some smiles from the past few days, but without the lengthy explanations. These are just things that made me smile:
2. A vegetable garden
3. Cardinals Baseball
4. A long family bike ride
5. A mulberry bush
6. My family
7. My friends
8. Sleeping late
9. Lazy days
10. BEAUTIFUL weather!