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Smiles from Monday!

1. I have to say – the weather! How crazy is it that we’ve had temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s in August in St. Louis? I love it! I sat outside on my deck last night until about 11pm just enjoying…
2. My parents. Again. I got a voicemail last night from my mom to call my dad on his cell phone. I tried dad’s cell phone, straight to his voicemail. Tried to call mom back on her cell phone, straight to voicemail. Called the house. She said call dad back on his cell phone in a few minutes because he had both cell phones taken apart. That’s my daddy!

3. Matthew – he called last night to tell us how his first week of school went. He’s doing great, only forgot his locker combination “a few times” and has joined the ROTC program!
4. Simple Fixes. I love it when something breaks or has a problem and I find out it’s a simple fix. I had a coworker with a computer problem that we thought was going to be a long drawn out process to correct but turns out it was a matter of uninstalling and reinstalling a program!
5. Practical Jokes. Yep. I’m a practical joker. I played one on Terry (another coworker) after everyone left the office. She has a stuffed Aflac duck and I hung it by a noose from her overhead lights. And – tomorrow’s smile list will be including the retaliation list.

This smile list is not only a good way to stay upbeat and positive, but it is turning out to be a good way to at least post something to the blog everyday. I’m not sure it’s all that informative as far as what’s going on in my life, but hey – it’s something new to read, right?

Sam and Lizzie come home on Friday. Halleluiah! This year I have missed them more than any other year. Maybe that’s why my world seems so off track right now – who knows?