Laughter is the Best Medicine!

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I love to make people laugh. I think it’s just ingrained in me to give people a reason to guffaw, chuckle, chortle, rofl, or lmao. I am also one of those people who – no matter how very hard I try not to – I DO care what other people think and the highest compliments someone can give me is: a.) I think you are so smart! Or b.) I think you are so funny! So for my sister to comment and say she had tears rolling down her cheeks laughing because of my last blog – I was extremely flattered! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much, keep it coming!

We are off to the Valley this weekend. I am planning on getting LOTS of photos so Wordless Wednesday next week may be quite picturesque. At least I’m hoping it will. I’m just happy to be getting THE HECK OUT OF HERE for a while. Yes, I was yelling that part.

So – my smiles and I leave you until Tuesday.

My son. He is learning to do laundry and he actually LIKES it !?!?
Making people laugh. Explanation above.
A good book. I’m reading a good one now! I’ll probably add a great book list to the side margin – this will definitely be included.
Thursday after weigh-in. Yep, I was up. Nope, I’m not all that upset because I wasn’t up all that much and I blew it big this week. But I’ve decided – the Thursday after weigh-in is cheat night. I can eat anything I want and not feel guilty. Of course, last night it was (yes I know it sounds gross) pizza, tater tots and spaghetti! MMmmm I could feel the carbs hit my thighs.
Sabrina. During weigh in we got these sample little Weight Watcher bars. I was really really hungry because of course I hadn’t eaten hardly anything all day because of the dreaded weigh in so when I got in my car to leave, I opened it and ate it immediately and then felt guilty and then didn’t because it was, after all, Thursday Night Cheat Night. And then I though of Bebe – my thoughts went something like this “SHE probably still has her little fruit bar. SHE probably will wait until after a sensible dinner or maybe have it as a bedtime snack. SHE probably won’t eat hers so fast that she has a hard time swallowing because she shoved nearly the whole thing in her mouth. I wonder if SHE will think it tasted kinda like cardboard with fruit bits pushed down into it.” So just a little bit later, SHE calls:

Bebe: Babe, did you eat your fruit bar yet? (Thought: Great, she’s going to hold me accountable and I cannot lie to her)
Babe: YEP. Surrre did!
Bebe: Me too, it was gone by the time I made it to Highway N.
Babe: At least you made it that far. Mine was gone before I pulled out of the parking lot.

Remember – it’s the last Hoorah! of the Summer of 2008


Sabrina said...

I love you Babe. Keep us laughing, you are blessed with that talent.