Smiles from Thursday

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Smile List:

1. Comments! I got on my blog yesterday to post the smile list and noticed I had a comment. I got so excited I almost put that in yesterdays smile list but I quickly remembered that I am posting smiles from the day before so I couldn’t wait to actually post this one today. YAY!
2. Weight Loss. Again, seemingly small at only .2 (yes that is POINT 2) but hey, better than being up.
3. Sabrina. She’s attending weight watchers with me and yesterday she lost .8. (yes, POINT). She was being funny and said… POINT 8? POINT?? Can’t even be a pound?? And then realized that together with my POINT 2 and her POINT 8, we made a pound and that made us both smile.
4. Robbie. He just makes me smile everyday. He was in a play at Clayton Community Theatre and played the part of Captain Keller, Helen Keller’s father in ‘The Miracle Worker’. For the part, he grew a mustache and goatee. He looked good but I think he looks better clean-shaven and he shaved yesterday. He is so handsome.
5. Kisses. I also love Robbie’s clean-shaven kisses and I got some kisses yesterday!

SO there’s my list…. still waiting on comments. I won’t be able to post a list again until Monday. Robbie and I are headed off to Springfield for the weekend as soon as work lets out. So my post Monday will be my smiles from the weekend. Who knows – maybe there will be more than 5!


Sabrina said...

Bebe's Smile List
1. It's FINALLY Friday. Hallelujah. That means no work for 2 days, and I can sleep late tomorrow. SMILE
2. The weather. What beautiful weather we are having. It's perfect for walking.
3. My sisters. I have the most beautiful sisters in the world. My sister Catrina makes me laugh so hard that my gut hurts and I smile when Stef talks about children. She loves children.
4. My boys. They are old enough to make me not only smile a lot, but I laugh till my gut hurts with them also.
5. My Mom and Dad. Sitting in the heat, drinking beer and talking. Just the thought makes me smile.
6. Dave - geez, he wants to do everything with me lately. He makes me smile. Why does he still love me, I can be such a b. (That doesn't stand for Bebe either)
7. Randy and his beautiful family. I got a text from Erica today, that made me smile.
8. Babe's blog. It's made me smile for the past 3 days. Thank you for being so special Babe.
9. My brother-in-laws - They make me smile because they treat my sissies so well.

Stephanie said...

1. Children,all children, regardless of age or gender, but
especially my nieces and nephews, and of course my wonderful, beautiful boys.
2. My husband. He is without a doubt the most wonderful, generous, loving, kind person that I have ever met.
3. My family in general. I have the most special brother and sisters that a person could ever hope for. And my brothers-in-law, sister-in-law, and daughter-in-law are all a major part of that family. It wouldn't be what it is though without mom and dad. They're mom and dad, nothing more needs to be said.
4. My home. I love my house, gardens, pool, yard, and I love pulling into the drive and seeing the red sunset maple trees arching over the drive and the shady lane.
5. My animals. Every one of them is so special. They are always so happy to see us no matter how long we have been gone. 5 minutes or 5 hours, it is all the same to them.

This is only a small part of my smile list. I could go on and on but there would be no space for anyone else.