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I didn’t get my list posted yesterday. I thought about and then apparently forgot. I think sometimes I’m very airheaded. So here is my list from yesterday:

1. Practical Joke retaliation: This is technically a leftover from Tuesday but it has been ongoing since the hanging of the Aflac duck. I got to work Tuesday and he was hanging from my overhead shelf. I got totally busted trying to hang him from her ceiling. I’ve added length to his noose and am waiting patiently for an obscure moment to finish what I started.
2. Inspirations: Another leftover from Tuesday. As you know, Bebe and I joined Weight Watchers together and I got to see her Tuesday night. It seems like her weight is just flying off and she looks fabulous! She’s my inspiration to keep trudging along.
3. Family: Yes, again. My family is a huge part of my existence. We’ve been through a lot together. We’ve held each other up when we’ve lost loved ones and we’ve watched each other soar during great moments and everything in between. I’m just happy to be a part of so a close-knit unit and that I can do my part holding up and witnessing the soars.
4. Homemade Ranch Dressing: I know, its stupid but I LOVE homemade buttermilk ranch and I made some the other day and brought it with me to work. Carrots and homemade buttermilk ranch. Mmm mmm mmm mmm mm!
5. More fresh tomatoes: I was able to pick about ten more ripe tomatoes from the abandoned garden next door. Well. They’re not really abandoned. I found out the new neighbors are moving in soon and they’ve been doing some work over there. At one point, they took all the ripe tomatoes so I had to wait for new ones. I know, how dare they!

And I have a big smile for today! My Sammy and my Lizzie come home tomorrow. YAY!

Tell me how you like the new layout and the new title. Be sure to read the reason for the title, too. Comments are not required but appreciated very much!


Sabrina said...

Okay, so, I love the new layout and the new title. Very fitting with our email conversations. Second, weight flying off is quite exaggerated, given that in 75 days I have lost but 15 pounds, that works out to .2 pounds per day, however, in the past two weeks, it's only been .1 pounds per day, but I'll take what I can get. IT'S FRIDAY!