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Today’s smile list:

1. Jewelry. A co-worker used to sell Premier Jewelry and has recently decided she no longer wanted to sell it. She brought in all her samples that she didn’t want and sold them for CHEAP! I got some stuff that I really liked and it made me smile.
2. My mom and dad. Since Robbie has been working late, I decided yesterday I’d go hang out with my mom and dad for a while after work and anytime I do that, it just makes me smile!!
3. A date. I had some gift cards for Red Lobster and last night, Robbie and I met there and had a dinner date. It was great fun.
4. Seeing old friends. One of the waitresses at Red Lobster was a girl I grew up across the street from. It was great fun catching up with her and seeing how much she’s done with her life!!
5. Siblings. I talked to all three of my siblings yesterday (well one I played phone tag with) and all three made me smile. I love them dearly.

So there you go. My smile list. You know what would be cool is if anyone decides they have a smile list or just maybe an extra smile moment they could comment with it !!???!!! Please !!!???!!