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I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a bargainer but only a bargainer with self. Well, maybe I do make a bribe, ahem - I mean deal, with my kids every now and again about the things they need to do or the things that I don’t want them to do but mainly, a bargainer with self. I bargain with myself in the morning about getting up – refer to the 9-Minute Sequences below. That’s just one example. I make lots of small bargains with myself throughout the day. If I’ll just get this group insurance information in the system and all done and off my desk, I can take a little moment and throw my nerf basketball at the net hanging in my office. (Blows off steam and improves hand-eye coordination all at once – but don’t do it too much, makes lots of noise and the boss will give you the big hairy eyeball)

And I’ve now made a new bargain but on a bigger scale. For every 25 pounds I lose, I’m going to get a new tattoo. SO, if I lose 75 pounds, I’ll have three new tattoos. Not big ones so that I look like a Harley Babe, but little ones. And ones that mean something to me. First will be the little footprint with the initials JAS beside it on the top of my foot. Second is the Ithcus I’ve designed. Inside the Ithcus is the name Christ but if you look at it backwards, it says Risen. Kind of hard to imagine but trust me, it’s cool. It also has the scripture Gal 6:17 beside it. And last, I want a tribal band around my arm. That’s going to be the last of the three. I’d like one on my hip too so – wait, I hear another bargain in the process. If I go 100 down, I can get one last ink on my hip. Sweet. And I'm going to set time bargains on these. This tattoo bargain has been in the works for some time but I need to get a time on it so I just don't slide on into 40 with the same bargain rolling around in my head.

Robbie & I are going this weekend to a marriage retreat thing at the Frontenac Hilton. Aunt Steffie is watching Sam and Lizzie and Robbie and I get a weekend for just us. Thats important to a relationship. Especially when you get married and have instant family. We never really have an alone time. Maybe after 10pm when the house is settled down, the children are snug in their beds and the dog is at the foot of the bed gnawing on a rawhide but within minutes we’re both snoring so I don’t think that counts. Or this one time, it was quiet during the day in our house for about 10 minutes while the kids were playing down at their friends house! And it’s ok, we’re cool with the chaos of our lives but every once in a while, it’s good to step back, regroup, remember why I love him so much and actually tell him and then we can get back to mayhem and disorder. I’m excited about our weekend away.

And now – I’m going to take a poll. Please tell your friends about my poll because I think I have only three readers left. Feel free to comment with your answer to my poll, or your friends answers to my poll. I’ll tally any answers I get and let you know the outcome. Here’s the background to the reason for my poll and the poll itself.

I am a HUGE Three Stooges Fan. I love the Stooges. I can sit and watch the Stooges all day long if someone would let me. I used to only be a Larry Moe & Curly fan and really didn’t care for the others that were brought in after Curly left. Well, really, Curly replaced Shemp when Shemp got out of the original act but when they went on television Curly was part of the original three. Shemp stepped in when Curly had a stroke in 1949. See? I know a lot about the Stooges. Did you know that Curly, whose real name is Jerome Lester Horwitz, was originally known as Babe? That’s my nickname too!! I don’t know how many people besides a select few know of my Stooges dependence. I can’t help it, I just love them. And from what I understand, to be female and love the Stooges as much as I do is apparently not normal. Not saying that much of what I like or do is normal, but it’s the Stooges! C’Mon, who cannot help but love them? So here’s my poll.

If you are female, then
a. Do you like the Stooges?
b. Do you have other female friends or family that enjoy them as well?

If you are male, then
a. Do you like the Stooges?
b. Do you know of any female friends or family that enjoy them as well?

Simple. I just want to know. I’m weird, I always knew that but I’m also curious. So vote early and vote often. :) That’s what I’ll be saying next November.


Anonymous said...

This is the dumb female who can only post anonymously because she doesn't know how to do it any other way. This is one of your three readers, and I hate the Stooges. Maybe hate is too strong, I just do not get their humor. The funniest thing I ever heard of the three stooges was Nathan impersonating them when he was about 3.

Anonymous said...

I love the stooges. I can remember
staying up late on Saturday nights with a big bowl of popcorn and watching the Stooges, laughing until my sides hurt. My husband and I are such big Stooges fans that we even watched them on our honeymoon. Guess I know where you get you love for them from. B A BA, B E BE, B I BICKEY BI, B O BO, BICKEY BI BO B U BU BICKEY BI BO BU. LOL.