She is.

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She is my friend. She is my confidant.
She is my fan. She is my aficionada.
She is my rock. She is my calm in this storm.
She is my security. She is my tether
She is my childhood. She is my teenage years. She is my adulthood.
She is the wind in my sails. She is the wind beneath my wings.
She is my reason. She is my motivation.
She is every memory. She is every story.
She is every “remember when”. She is every “I can’t wait”.
She is everything I was. She is everything I am. She is everything I want to be.
She is my mother.

~Catrina King
November 5, 2007


Anonymous said...

As I scroll down through this I realize what a wonderful daughter you surely are.

Elizabeth K. said...

Awesome poem. I feel the same about my mom sometimes. Thanks for sharing it!