Ran out of steam...

11/15/2007 03:18:00 PM Edit This 0 Comments »
I’ve run out of steam. I was going strong there for awhile, blogging almost regularly and then, I felt the old familiar procrastination issue setting in. So as not to let a year go by again without blogging, I am updating without much information just to be updating. Just to give you all something glorious to read. Well, maybe not glorious but at least it’s something. And maybe not much information, just not much I wish to share.

Our family is going thought a trying time and out of respect for my mom, I’ll only say she was diagnosed with breast cancer and leave it at that. She is very private and doesn’t want her issues aired on the World Wide Web for anybody and everybody to read. If it were only family and close friends that were to frequent the pages, then I think she would be more apt to post her health issues on a website. As it stands, anybody, anywhere, anytime can scroll through various blogs and just read whats going on. It is not private. Which, granted, the normal general public scrolling through a blog would have no idea who she was but you just never know. There may be some buttcrack showing, combover inbred from Toad Suck, Arkansas saying “Paint me pink, Frances, Margaret has breast cancer!” And to some, that wouldn’t be a problem because they really don’t care if someone they don’t know can read about them but to mom, it’s private. And she wants to keep it that way. She’s more than happy to let the family and close friends know what’s going on.

SO. It’s almost Thanksgiving again. Where does time go? Why can’t it slow down? Why did it pick up speed after about 30? I swear just yesterday I was 25. And I know tomorrow I’ll probably be 40 and then by the next day I’ll be 50. What’s with that? I think it’s because I wish my life away 5 weekdays at a time. I start Monday – “can’t wait til Friday” and it goes from there. All my wishing has made it go so much faster that suddenly I’m almost 37 and have no clue how I got here.

For anyone that reads this that is a praying person – I’m asking for prayers for my mom especially but also for my dad. Pray for Gods healing hands to guide, comfort and cure.