Here I go again...

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I have been following a blog about a lady who lost her 14-month-old baby girl to a very, very tragic accident. Her honesty and heartfelt grief are so real but she maintains her hope in God and her Faith does not waiver. Even though most of her posts seem so sad as she copes with this tremendous loss in her life, it’s actually very inspirational to me because she never doubts God. She relies on Him completely to get her through and continues to praise Him for the victories in her life.

She recently talked of a Sunday school message where the class discussed 2 John and they were asked which was easier to believe, God’s Truth or the love of Jesus through God’s Truth. She said most of the class said the love was easier than the truth. I think I was on the other side. For me, it is God’s Truth that is easier to believe. I have never doubted that the Bible is His Word and is completely true. I have never doubted that what He promises in the Bible will come to fruition. I have never doubted that He will take care of me. When I do doubt (which is often), it’s usually about how anyone, especially the Creator of the universe, can love me enough…like God’s/Christ’s love for me.

Ok, I know that was deep for my first post back after several weeks but it’s been brewing in my mind for a while. I seem to be in the thinking cycle of my heart. I think a lot lately, about a lot of stuff. I remember a quote from the movie Legends of the Fall…” Some people hear their own inner voices with great clearness and they live by what they hear. Such people become crazy, or they become legends.” Let’s just hope I don’t become crazy (if I’m not already!)

So to lighten things up a bit, I’ll tell you of my great adventures in painting. Randy, Oh Randy, HOW do you do that day in and day out? I painted Lizzie’s room in the new house Saturday. I started at 11am and did not finish until 9:30 pm. With no break. I did emerge from my color palette once in a while for a drink or bathroom break, but for the most part, I stayed focused. She picked out a very neat comforter and we matched the colors to it. Two walls are green, two walls are purple and the window coverings are blue. I have a photo of one corner of the room taken from my cell phone. I’ll have to get better pictures with the big camera once I’m not cross-eyed and my right bicep has unknotted.

Robbie has been busy working on getting Sam’s room ready in the basement of the new house. It’s going to be cool too, so I’ll be sure to post pictures as well. I’m sure the job of wall-covering maestro will fall to me once again so I guess I better prepare myself for another day of manual labor.

I’ll also post a photo of the view from my room off the back deck. Can you tell I am excited?


Hillary said...

Thank you for reading my blog. Elizabeth let me know about yours. God's peace is amazing, comforting and will carry you through anything.