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This is an impromptu post. Meaning, normally I do a post and type it all up nice and neat in Word beforehand so I can somewhat sorta do a spellcheck and try to act like I might know a bit about the English language. But not tonight. Tonight I am posting without comforts of spellcheck or Word although I'm sure its available somewhere on here, this new computer. But I don't much feel like searching for it. This is one of those up close and unplugged blogs and even as I am typing this, I'm doubting it will get published-just becase I haven't proofread it.

But I have to let loose of some things on my heart.

First - I figured out F-A-M-I-L-Y. We are the ones who know each others stories. Is that not true? My oldest boys were here over the holiday weekend and wanted me to recant the stories of A) a wreck I'd had B) of Sams birth or C) of some other story that I realized in the telling...these are my family members. They SHARE my story. My F-A-M-I-L-Y are the ones who already know these stories and still revel in the re-telling of them. My true family was there. It is their story too, is it not?

I also know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my mama has stories that my aunties know that in the re-telling I would undoubtedly understand but lose the luster because I wasn't there.

And one other thing. I think I finally have what my mama has, and what my sisters have and what my brother has. I have found my soulmate. I married him almost 6 years ago but he is honestly my soul mate. How come he so knows what I want even before I know I want it? How come he is so willing to put me ahead of him? Oh, did the Lord know what he was doing when He made that man for me.

There is so much more on my heart right now, but time reigns. I just wish everyone who reads my blog to know God's love. To know that even though you stumble and fall, God truly does know what you need. And He is truly mindful of your wants too. Trust Him.


Elizabeth said...

I'm glad you published this anyway, without spell check! :)
And of course he's your soul mate! I'm so happy you found him.
I got your email update and I'm thinking of you all...