7 Things To Do Before I Turn 40

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I had a birthday Wednesday. I normally do not mind it coming and going, getting a year older usually because it’s New Years Eve and it’s all a big fun day. But this year, I’m feeling a little more philosophical about the whole thing – a bit more introspective. I will be 40 in just two short years. When I look back over the last 38 years, I did not expect to be where I am at this stage in my life. Granted, this stage is not bad but it’s not what I anticipated and that’s ok.

New Years Day I watched some made for TV movie on Lifetime, I’m not even sure of the name but in it, the main character was 29 and came across an old letter she’d written to herself as a teenager and it included a list of 7 things she wanted to accomplish before she turned 30. She realized she had not completed anything on her list. This is one of those movies I would normally be ashamed to admit I watched all the way through but this is also the kind of character and dilemma I can relate with so I was sucked in to the drama.

So, in the fashion of this character, whoever she is, I have decided to make my own list. Not like my “Bucket List” but this is Seven Things I Want To Do Before I Turn 40. I have two years to compete my list and I’m not exactly sure what all it will entail right now. I do know 4 of the things for sure, and the other 3 are just ideas looming…I guess I’ll post them as I think them through. For now – here is my list. This is not a life-altering list of things that I saw myself doing 25 years ago but just stuff I want to do.

1. Lose 100 pounds and keep it off
3. Get a tragus piercing (that's the thing that sticks out in front of your ear)
4. Get two more tattoos

So there you have it. I’ll post five, six and seven when they are solidly formed in my head. Let me know if you decide to make a similar list...