Yea Yea I know....It's about dang time!

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So holy smokes. What all has happened since I last blogged. Went camping this weekend past with Mom and Dad, had an incredibly wonderful time. Anytime I get to hang with Mom and Dad is a great time for me. Mom is doing much much better, which is a good thing. Her weepiness is gone (I told her it was all the medications!) Dad got the results back from his stress tests, etc. and Mom says they were normal. So why all the hoopla? I think there is something they aren't telling me, so MOM - if you are reading this, I'm on to you.

I went to the doc today as a follow up from my annual check up last week. When I went last Thursday, my blood pressure was way up, again. 180/110, so of course they said make an appointment with your primary care doctor, which I did and I went in this morning, it was 160/120. OK, it's been elevated for quite a while so they gave me a month's sample of medicine and they took some blood and I had a chest x-ray done. I'm too young to have all this going on. I'm much too young to feel this damn old, to quote Garth.

Lizzie was sick two days last week. I took her to the doctor afraid she was going to have Strep but she had a double ear infection and "just a nasty cough". So she was home two days. Sucks that I had to miss more work but hey, I'm a mom. That comes first and foremost.

My friend Elizabeth's mom died Tuesday. They've had a rocky relationship, to say the least, since her parents split up and they were, luckily enough, able to mend fences over the summer. Her mom has been sick due to complications from Lupus among other things and Elizabeth was able to be with her mom and help take care of her, which she says she feels honored to be able to say. I'm just sad for her losing her mom. For me, that would be like losing my heart. The family is requesting in lieu of flowers, to make donations in her honor to the Lupus foundation, which I discovered can be done online. I think I may do that when I get paid next. My sister has Lupus. It's a nasty nasty condition and I hate thinking about the problems associated with it.

Last week at Weight Watchers I was down 5.6 pounds and I was so excited, then - boom, the other shoe drops. I went in this week and lo and behold, they found out the scale was broken last week and got a new one. DAMMIT - I really really liked the old one, especially after I stepped on the new one and it gave me back my 5.6 pounds, exactly. By the end of this weeks meeting I was raffling tickets for first in line to shoot/steal/pound/drop/maul/damage/vandalize the new scale. And they thought I was kidding.

Sam and Liz are doing great in school. Lizzie got in trouble two out of the first four days, though. I think she's still adjusting. Either that, or I have a troublemaker on my hands. She's not really a troublemaker, she's just her own person. Sam says he's going to spend third grade known as the "good boy". I told him I thought he spent his whole life so far being a good boy and he said he got into trouble some last year so he's trying to overcome that. He's still adjusting to his new room downstairs. Being only 8, he's still afraid to sleep down there by himself. He was crying his 4th night down there and was too upset to tell me how scared he is, because he felt all of his daddy's work on building his room would be for naught. I told him it would still be his room but he can sleep upstairs until he gets used to the idea of sleeping down there. He thought that was cool. Lizzie asked me a little while ago if it was okay if she went ahead and went to bed, she was really tired. Hello - ya think I said no? NOT.

My new desk is almost finished. I will take digital photos of it when it's all done just so I can post them. I'm very proud of it, as I'm sure Robbie is since it is his handy work. I just can't wait until it's done. I'll be finding reasons to be sitting at it. Maybe, just maybe, I'll even update my blog more often. Holy cow, hold on to your socks, what a thought.

My car is a Korean piece of crap! It's an embarrassment to drive on the highway. I can't run the air conditioning while I'm shifting because it makes this loud sssshhhhing noise and everyone looks at me like I did it on purpse and then, just when I get to speed - it cuts out really bad, the engine light blinks on and off and it slows down to an annoying crawl making everyone behind me flip me the finger and honk. I've learned to just smile and wave like it's an everyday occurence to be going 20 mph down a major highway. Which, if you think about it logically, it IS becoming an everyday occurence. I need to visit the lottery god. Someone take pity on me and buy me a Monte Carlo. And never, never, never buy foreign. Maybe I should pour some rice and soy sauce in the gas tank and see what happens. For crying in a bucket, I'm a whinebag.

New England and Jacksonville are tied 3-3. I think I'm going to go veg upon the couch and watch the men in tights play football. Just too bad it's not Brett Favre.
Goodnight blog. You've been pre-empted for tight pants and testosterone.