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I love these quiz things you can paste into your blog. You're right, Michelle, these are fun. So, how is it I'm tequila? Dunno, but I know I like to drink it. My desk is finished. Although I've added to it in the last few days so Robbie's work is not done yet. He hates it when I say "You know what I would really like?....."

Tomorrow is Connors birthday. I have to remember to call him.

Right now, gotta say Mr. Blog, I'm sportin' a real nice buzz. Miller Lite loves me. And it's tastin' great with less filling. Dang dude, I'm a walking commercial. I think I should be their spokesperson.

ok, my pillow is once again screamin my name. Or maybe that's the Miller Lite saying get your butt to bed. Doesn't matter, I'm going. G'nite. This time you've be pre-empted for a healthy REM pattern.