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Today, besides being the first day of fall, is also National Elephant Appreciation day. Those of you who know me understand what a day set aside specifically for the appreciation of elephants means to me. I just tried about 17 times to paste a copy of a most cool picture I found of an elephant, but....alas....it did not work. My house is overrun with elephant statues. I can't explain the infatuation with them, I just love them. And I have lots. My very first elephant is sitting directly behind me as I type, he is about 2 feet high, he has leather tusks and he's very furry. He hails as "Basil Rathbone". That is his name, and yes, he is named after the first Sherlock Holmes actor. Therefore, in my little spectrum of the world, most of my friends and I refer to elephants as "Basil's". By the way, Basil also wears a pampers diaper with a hole cut for his tail and a Jack Daniels T-shirt. He has worn this same outfit since 1988. And that is not an exaggeration. So you can understand the importance of a National Elephant Appreciation day to me.

My "Korean Piece of Shit" car bit the royal dust on Monday while I was taking the kids to school. Luckily, Stef, my sister, was on her way to take Jacob to school and saw me sitting on the side of the road. She went ahead and took Sam and Liz to daycare so they could catch their busses while I limped the little Korean bastard home. I took it to a car fixer upper place that she knew, and oh my holy mother of old milk cow god. I think I forgot what it was like to drive a car that, like, actually....ran? I squealed the tires at every stop sign on the way home yesterday with it because I had literally spent the last 40,000 miles giving it so much gas to get it to go, I had to relearn how to drive the little bugger. I drove 85 miles the entire way to work this morning. (Which by the way I drive at least 45 miles one way to work) just because I could. I am so excited to drive a car that goes. I couldn't wait to get off work today. Not because I couldn't wait to get home (well that too), but because I couldn't wait to drive my car. Dude, man, like, I may actually wash it or something. Dang, we're having another one of those hold your socks on moments, aren't we?

Speaking of that, I am typing upon my new desk. I tried taking pictures of it but they didn't turn out so hot so you just have to take my word for it that it is spectacular.

Ok...I am going to bed now. Once again, the pillow reigns supreme. Actually, I think I have another piece of Blackberry pie in my refrigerator so I'm making up excuses to go upstairs. G'nite, blog. This time....it's white flaky flour crust baked into blackberry splendor that you've been pre-empted for. Don't feel bad, it could be worse. It could be...chocolate. UCKEY