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I am currently singing the theme to Misssion Impossible in my head...dunh dunh dunh, dunh da dunh dunh dunh. You know the one. And the reason is...well, hopefully it's not impossible, but I am A WOMAN ON A MISSION.

At the beginning of 2008, I decided I wanted to lose 100 pounds this year. Well, that was the assignment I apparently chose not to accept, because I'm down but only 12 pounds. Somehow I missed it by 88. Anyway, I have exactly one year until my 20th high school reunion. (Has it truly been THAT long??) So my assignment (should I chose to accept it) is to lose the 100 pounds by October 2009. That means I have to lose 8.33 pounds per month for the next year. And I am STOKED for it. I CAN DO THIS! I KNOW I can! I may have given up on a lot of dreams in my life but this is one I simply cannot let go and I will not let go.

So, watch out world. I have a mission and I AM ON IT!


Elizabeth said...

You go girl! I think you CAN do it! I'll be working on my own goal right along beside you!