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So I use my blog mostly for just getting my thoughts out there for myself but also to anyone who by happenstance stumbles upon my pages. Or for my mother or my sister or my uncle. I really didn't think anyone else paid much attention. And I don't know all things blog-worthy but apparently I've been TAGGED. My friend Elizabeth recently started blogging and I think she has more posts in a month than I've put on here since 2004. Way to show me up there, E. Anyway, so before I get to the tagging, I guess I better update my stuff.

On Tuesday, April 15th, my mom fell and broke her leg in 3 places. We thought she was going to get to go home within a day or two, but that was before we realized the extent of the problem. After a 2 hours surgery, the doctor came out to talk to us. He had put in 6 pins/screws and a plate on one side and 2 pins/screws one the other. She also completely dislocated the foot so the tendons were pretty well torn up. She was in the hospital until that Friday, April 18th where she was moved to an Extended Care Facility with extensive rehab and therapy. She finally got to come home yesterday but not without some pretty big restrictions and alterations to her home life. A lift was put in off the back deck since she has a split foyer home, she has a bedside commode, a hospital bed and a walker in the living room along with a wheelchair. She won't be able to put any weight on her foot for another five weeks while the bones grow around the pins and plate. On top of this, we found out she is osteoporitic so she has to be even more careful. She just got done with Radiation therapy for her breast cancer and know this. Sheesh. [REMOVED]

And through this whole ordeal I think I've grown so very much closer to my sister Sabrina. Bebe - this is for you. In the last two weeks I've learned alot about you and feel we are closer now than we ever have been. Your compassion and your generousity to those around you is amazing - although I knew that part already. Your self-sacrificing for your family is something I try to mimic but I fear fall way short. And you were right when you said we never fought growing up. Have we ever at all? I love our competitive banter - to others I think it appears we are arguing or getting "catty" but we truly aren't. I think that's just another way we say we love each other. You see things in people and in the world that I don't always see and I think because of your giving nature, people open up to you and feel they can befriend you and have a completely unconditional friendship - and they are right. But you are also able to say what needs to be said when it needs to be said and I admire you for that. You know (and I quote, again) - "It is NOT our fault that she is mad at you!" That was a great day for me because I realized then that she is still there. You know, that little girl inside wondering if I'll ever make it to never-never land that still wants so very much to be like her big sister. ILYVM.

So now - I've been tagged. I have no idea what that means but here's what I'm supposed to do (and yes, I copied and pasted this right from your blog Elizabeth)

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.
5. Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.
6. Let your tagger know when your entry is up. (That means when I finish this post, I'm supposed to let Eliabeth know by making a comment on her blog, so she knows to come read mine.)

First - her link is on the left column.
Second - I think I already did the rules above???
Third - Six Random Things About Me. Mine aren't going to be quite as long and desciptive as my friend's Elizabeth are but hey, I'm trying to maintain a good work ethic here, too.
1. I would love to travel to Rome, Italy. I watched that movie, Under The Tuscan Sun once with Diane Lane - had to buy it and watched it alot since then. I think if it were just me, no kids or anything, I would so buy a villa!
2. I worked at Papa Johns once for four hours. That's how long I lasted. I made it through Kentucky Fried Chicken for four days. My current job of almost 10 years is the one I wish would be put out of it's misery but not before I find a newer better version!
3. I have many friends but few I trust implicitly. I think I probably have three people that know almost everyting about me - Robbie, Chris and Bebe.
4. My pet peeves are: slow drivers in the fast lane, women who put on their make-up in the car in the rearview mirror (or the guys who shave with their electric shavers), people who act like they know something when they really don't, bullies, cheats, liars and thieves.
5. I don't do malls. I HATE shopping. Well, maybe I like it when I get to hang out with Bebe but other than that, NOT.
6. There is no kind of music I dislike. Although I tease my husband and pretend his showtunes gag me, I secretly like them. And if you tell him that, I'll beat you up.

And now, I'm supposed to tag someone with a blog but I don't know anyone outside of my Aunts whom I know will not be compliant, and Elizabeth, who tagged me. How about I list the people I wish had a blog that I could tag?!
1. Bebe - yep, you all knew that one was coming.
2. Mom
3. Uncle Walter

So there ya go, a long overdue blog. I wish I had something as compelling as the goose story. I'll try better next time. Pray for my mom.


Elizabeth said...

Oh, you're funny. I liked reading your blog! And I'm so new at this thing too that I didn't have six people to blog. So I went and found five interesting blogs (plus yours) to tag. I'm so excited that you linked to me. This is fun!
So... I had no idea about your mom. So sorry to hear about the roller coaster ride y'all have been on. It's been a rough few months/year, hasn't it? I'll be thinking of you.
AND also praying you get a new job. He's such a weenie.