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I feel like I always start my blogs as if I were in the middle of a conversation with someone. Maybe starting is what makes me a slacker in the updating department. Or maybe it’s the fact that every time I think about updating, I’m driving in the car. I had a job interview this morning at 7am (more on that later) and I was thinking I wish I had a laptop. That way when I’m in the middle of a massive traffic jam, I could just jot a few things down on WordPad or something. But I guess if it’s a major traffic jam I should be concentrating on not rear-ending the car in front me instead of typing on a laptop.

Also on the way to my job interview I was next to this big semi full of chickens, hundreds and hundred of chickens. I don’t think I’d ever seen a truck full of chickens before. And they were live ones – well most of them were alive. It looked like some had succumbed to the shock and trauma of being shoved 100 deep in a screened in trailer and driven down the road at 70 miles per hour. But for the most part, they were live ones. I have been trying to figure out how to top my goose story since it’s my favorite blog entry and I was trying to think of way I could link the trailer of chickens to a cool story but none came to mind. I can’t figure out how a truck full of dirty chickens is like anything else. It’s quite an interesting sight.

Anyway – about my job interview. It was with a major insurance company that I used to work for a long time ago. I am pretty psyched about it. I’m pretty much just praying for God’s will on this one. If I’m supposed to get it, then I want it bad. If I’m not supposed to get it, I still want it but understand why I won’t. I don’t want to end up completely unhappy at my job again 10 years from now and I know God knows what’s best. And to top it off, I had to get up at 4:45 AM! That wasn’t fun. But I did it. And I didn’t even hit the snooze. That’s because Robbie was still there and he always messes up my morning routine when he’s there. And I took my nose ring out for the interview and then couldn’t get it to go back in. Luckily, I finally got it after about 20 minutes of trying. Then I had to explain to the horses patoot why my nose ring was out. But don’t worry, I prayed for forgiveness after the lie.

Mom is doing well, still recuperating at home getting stronger by day. Hopefully she’ll get better soon so we can take our vacation at the lot. I promised her a week there when she gets back on her feet.

Andrew should be here soon. He graduated boot camp in April then the Marine Corps sent him back to Camp Pendleton for combat training. I just hope that doesn’t mean they are preparing him for deployment. His regular training should begin in a few weeks and he’ll be here at Ft. Leonardwood.

OK. Gotta go. Ciao for now.