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I just looked back over my blog and decided I sound like a right wing Republican and like that's all I talk about. But it's really not. In fact, I'd have to say, quite the opposite. I'm the least political person I know but I guess I was having one of those days where I went philisophical and decided I'd air my deepest political feelings.

My mom is doing much better, which I am glad to say. After her bout in the hospital and her issues with the doctors/nurses, I'm glad she is home. I am also glad I had the opportunity to spend the time with her that I did. She keeps thanking me and dad keeps thanking me like it was a sacrifice and I guess in their eyes it is, but in mine, it was something she would have, or has, done for any of us. Even though she was not feeling well and she had a lot of other issues to deal with, I am grateful that I got to spend as much one-on-one as I did with her. I hope it portrayed to her how very much I love her. I have always known my biggest fan is my mom. Maybe my only fan now that it's become known I'm a "right wing Republican who doesn't use her head", but there's my mom standing behind me saying YOU GO GIRL!

The daycare called from Tumbledrum and Sam had fallen in one of the tube things or something and hurt his foot. They were afraid he'd broken it, but turns out it's just sprained. Right now, he and his dad are sound asleep on the couch. How cute.

Lizzie called me at least 5 times tonight. Poor thing - she's very homesick. She is in North Carolina with her paternal grandparents, who I found out tonight, feel like they've traumatized a 6 year old. She wanted to come home the minute she stepped off the airplane. Tell me how to handle this! I don't want to take them away from their grandparents, and I would never want to take their grandparents away from them, but man, there's only so much a mom can take and I know she's miserable out there. What do I do? Anonymous comments are welcome. Ha Ha. ( Lizzie is my 6 year old daughter whose "biological contributor" walked out on us the day she was born). She and Sam (who is 8) are brother and sister and their paternal grandparents are wonderful to them. The grandparents cannot help the fact their son is a, well, (insert expletive here). Sam and Lizzie have been adopted by their stepfather who loves them more than they've ever dreamed of being loved by a father.


Now that my ramblings are done I guess I better put the boys to bed, they are still sacked out on the couch. So - good night for now, blog.


Anonymous said...

I think that if the grandparents truely loved the kids and wanted to spend quality time with them they should come here where the children are comforitable. They could spend a couple days and have one on one time but at the end of the night the kids are HOME tucked into bed with mom and dad.

Catrina said...

I was thinking the same thing and if they love them, the will understand. Thank you!!