August 17, 2004

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I'm doing this blog thinking no one will ever look at it. This way, I don't offend anyone. This is just for my little thoughts and inspirations, beliefs, etc. I've learned there are two things one should never discuss with family, especially if they are not of like minds on the subjects. Politics and religion. Escpecially politics. We are such a diverse family, that it does make for excellent discussion sessions, but I always fear doing irrepairable damage to the relationship so I most times keep my mouth shout. That way I don't stir up the beehive. This war thing in Iraq is really an issue in the family. Dad was in Korea and lifetime military man, straight Republican. Most of the rest of the family is liberal Democrat and I think I'm somewhere in the middle.

While I agree that the deaths and dismemberments and maiming of our soldiers in Iraq are a tragedy beyond description, I also feel that the incredulous acts inflicted upon our country on 9/11 are just as horrible and had we, as a country, taken the proverbial bull by the horns beforehand and willingly gone into another country by force, maybe we could have prevented that terrible day forever etched in everyone's minds.I do understand Saddam Hussein is not behind the 9/11 attacks, but I feel by going into Iraq by choice, we have prevented a future attack on our country in our homeland. I can't help but think if we had acted on the intelligence information ahead of time and prevented 9/11 by forcefully invading Saudi Arabia, the liberal belief at that point would be "Why are we over there, fighting this war, when they've done nothing to us?" And I would have to say - Yet. As I do now. Why are we over there fighting this war when they've done nothing to us? - Yet. I also must remember that our soldiers are there defending our country by choice, as well. By signing up for the military, they know the risks involved and are signing up to defend our country. I'm sure that none want to die for their country, but all know the risks of that happening. If my sons were to sign up at 18, I would be incredibly proud of them following in their Grandfather's footsteps as well as many of the great uncles on both sides. I don't think my dad is any lesser of a person for being a combat soldier, in fact, I feel quite the opposite, he is more of a person. I also think it is Veteran's like him that have fought and defended our country that I must thank for the fact that I speak English and not German, Korean, Japanese or Iraqi and we have the freedom to do as we please inside our luxurious air conditioned homes. I don't think that would be the case had we been passive and insisted upon peaceful means instead of forceful ones. I understand there are times for peace, but there are also times for force. In our day and age, to secure peace is to prepare for war.