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I DID IT! I believe I have broken my snooze button dependency. Since it’s come to light, I have been consciously trying to hit snooze once and get up before it goes off again and so far I’m on a streak with 7 straight mornings. Well, Saturday and Sunday don’t count because I don’t use the alarm on those days but I was up on both days before 8. I know - it’s incredible isn’t it? I feel rejuvenated.

We had Trivia night last Friday at our church. We came in second to last. What if Sabrina is right? I know I’m somewhat intelligent – well I thought I was until Friday night - but what if I’m really not? What if I’m subconsciously faking it? Can you fake smart? I didn’t feel too smart. The pace was fast and there were things they asked that after I heard the answer I was just “DUH!” but mostly, I felt inadequate and terribly obtuse. Here’s what I’d like - one of those “Brain Games” that is supposed to keep your mind sharp. What’s that herb you can take to keep you on your mental A Game? I need that too. My nickname at work is FG – supposedly for “Freakin’ Genius” but I really think now it might be for “Freakin’ Goofball”. OR WAIT – OMG! What if it really means “FOREST GUMP”?? That just popped in my head and is quite scary. His IQ was like 72 or something. But he was happy and he knew what love is. Maybe that’s all that counts. Plus he was rich, what with Bubba Gump Shrimp and all.

Christmas is almost here and I am pretty excited about it finally. This is the first one I’ve actually gotten in the Christmas spirit beforehand in a while. I usually get all stoked up and it’s already Christmas Eve and then Christmas Day and that’s it. But this year I’ve been trying to focus on the reason for the season instead of the commercialization that our society has turned it into.

Matt is coming out on December 24th but Drew cannot make it this year. He goes to boot camp on January 7th and he’s currently working three jobs that won’t let him have time off to come. Which is ok, we’ll just miss him. He did ask his Sergeant if he can spend his 10 days after boot camp here and they said it was cool. So at least we’ll get to see him then.

I saw my geese again the other day, but this time they were on the ground aka the gaggle. And they were everywhere. It was snowing and there they were in a field. Weird to feel a bond with a bunch of geese.


Anonymous said...

So, I can't remember exactly what I said, but something about maybe you aren't really as smart as everyone thinks you are. It was a joke, sister. You are one of the smartest people I know, you and your momma. Only she is also smart about trivia stuff. See, I have a theory that the reason she can't remember things day to day, is because she holds all that trivial information in her brain. Maybe if she lets go of who was the King of Spain in 1465 then she could remember that I did call her yesterday. Who is more important, me or the 1465 King of Spain? See, I am so stupid that I don't even know if there was a King of Spain, ever, let alone in 1465. Anyway, you are smart, and congrats on the snooze bust. It takes 30 days to be a habit though. Don't wait another 30 days to update either. And one more thing, had I been there Friday night, and I am sorry I disappointed you, you would've still come in second to last place.