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Sam in the lake at the lot
Matthew in the lake
The "Lot"
Robbie, Sam and Liz in front of the New Busch
Matt, Sam and Liz in the lake The lot - and our tent.
Me & Drew on the beach

It's only been 4 months....

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SO – there was no barrage of e-mails requesting updates and it’s been a few months since I put anything into words, so I guess it’s time. I will blog no whines before it’s time. That was pretty cute – I made that up myself. I made a joke up last week and my dad cracked up. Can’t remember exactly – something about mad cows disease and a cow running around the pasture saying ‘I’m a penguin’. I was actually quite funny – guess you had to be there.

What has happened since March – well, the boys have come and gone again. They only got to stay for two weeks this summer. Drew is working full time and trying to graduate early so he can go to his culinary specialty school. So he could only afford two weeks and Matthew can’t really stay here without him, since we work and he’s not enrolled in our daycare. I’m sure he could probably stay by himself but what fun is it to come here and hang by yourself. At least back home he’s got his homies.

We’ve been to the lot a few times already this season. Mom and Dad have signed over the lower one to us and we’re actually looking into buying the lot next to it. It’s very exciting. We’re going again tomorrow. I just love it there. I’ll try to post pictures – basically it’s just a hole in the woods but it’s ours and we have fun. Kids have a blast and they can roam. Not too far, but they can expand their little worlds more than at home.

Sam is going to the St. Louis Cardinals baseball clinic on the 27th. Some of the Cardinals Alumni put on a baseball clinic for kid’s ages 10-13 and he’s so very excited. Hopefully he’ll learn some good techniques, etc.

Remember my blog about a year ago when I was contemplating the Wednesday night children’s ministry at River Oaks Church and how Robbie and I could actually get this going? Well – through the direction of our youth minister’s wife, Robbie and I are “TeamKid” Coaches! It starts September 9th and it is for kids in grades 4 – 6 for them to prepare for the youth group. Kind of cool! We are official members of River Oaks and we’re becoming quite involved and I’m lovin’ it. This is the non-denominational Christian church that Randy goes to. The Catholic classes lasted exactly one week. I thought it was where I wanted to go, but I was wrong, I guess. We all live and learn.

I am also now on Nathan said I needed to get on there so I did. It’s a pretty cool connection place where you keep up with friends and family and can find old buddies – if they’re on there too. Check it out.

OK – hold your socks on. I have quit drinking. I haven’t had a drink since March 25th. I just decided it wasn’t for me anymore. I may have one every now and again sometime later on down the road, but for now – I can honestly say I don’t drink. I know, quite amazing considering the amount of beer I can put away and still walk straight, but that’s quite a dubious honor indeed, anyway.

Sam goes to North Carolina on August 5th and the Lizzie will join him on August 16th. They’ll both be home August 20th. So – she won’t be there without Sam, that seems to work out best and he loves it there so it’s cool. Although I found out Michael lives there now, less than ½ mile from them. Sam is not digging the idea of seeing him at all and I don’t blame him. Suddenly after 2 years he gets an e-mail – Hi – it’s me ‘dad’ and I love and miss you??? Come on, let’s confuse the poor guy even more!! I will not get started on this one, I don’t have enough room and besides, this isn’t Jerry Springer. Let’s just say, neither I nor Robbie are happy and quite honestly, Sam isn’t either.

Robbie and I looked at display homes last weekend. I’m hoping we’ll get to move sometime next summer. Closer in - probably in the Wentzville area. Gas prices being what they are and are expected to go up to, every little bit helps.

Work is work. Without going into major detail and just in case anyone I work with happens upon this blog, I won’t say much, but sometimes you just feel the need to move on, ya know? I felt a major betrayal a few weeks ago by someone I considered a good friend and have not quite recovered. Of course, that isn’t the only factor but it was a major player in my feeling the need for a ‘til then sendoff (again). And of course, I’ve been feeling that need for a LONG time now so it was kind of a clincher. Just really sucks when you put trust in someone and it backfires right in your face. I would NEVER betray the confidence of a friend so it was shocking to me – even though I’d been warned about parleying any confidences to this person, it was still hurtful. And I’m just sick of the crap here. There is ALWAYS office drama - This person’s mad at this one, don’t say anything to this one, mother hen likes it her way or no way, and then this one is just a B*****. I’m just tired of it. And I’m trying to be more forgiving and have more of a Christian attitude, especially toward these people I work with (and of course those who cut me off in traffic and then flip me the bird!), but man, it can be hard. I really only have two people here I even get along with. I thought there was a third but apparently private/confidential information can just not be kept. Although outwardly it appear as if there is a modicum of comradeship among all of us, underneath lies a tension that knows if we didn’t work together or have to get along for the sake of the office, we’d never be friends in any world but this little bubble. And of course, as usual, I dream every day that my ol’ buddy Ed will come along and relieve me of being required to keep a 9 to 5. (McMahon, just in case you didn’t know who Ed was).

Ok – that sounded like I’m depressed and I’m really not, honest. I’m quite happy at the moment but do have the realization that I could be happier elsewhere. And I’m trying not to put all my need for happiness into things or jobs or houses. I’m right where God wants me to be at this particular moment, and I’m content with that.

So – on that note, I think I’ll sign out. Duty calls and life awaits…