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Boredom at work – uncommon, but not completely unheard of at my desk. Every once in a blue moon I get to have one of those days where it seems like the phone is not ringing, I’m at a stopping point with renewals and cannot do anything more with them until I receive the paperwork from the carriers and I’ve pretty much followed up on everything I could possible follow up on – basically, I don’t have much to do. Rarely does this occur but today is one of those days. I know it appears to make the day go slower but it’s nice to sit back and take a breath. And I dare not tell my boss that I have nothing to do lest he give me stacks and stacks of otherwise known as busywork jobs so as to keep me busy. I work my tail off here and it doesn’t bother me (much) to just relax. Not that I’m painting my nails or playing Blackjack online, because I’m not. I’m finding stupid things to do so I don’t fear my work ethic is slipping, but I’m not slammed, phone-ringing, piles of crap all over busy.

My mother’s last radiation treatment was yesterday – YA HOO. I want to get her a pink T-Shirt with “SURVIVOR” written as large as possible all over it. My momma – what a woman!!

What else has been going on. Let’s see - Basement flooded, washing machine went kaput so we bought a new one, I had pleurisy, Baseball home opener is Monday, we’re redoing the bedroom still, got my nose pierced, got a new puppy, I didn’t win Powerball, Rob had a flat tire Tuesday on the way home from work and mom and dad picked him up to take him to Dobbs and helped out with the tire and made me cry, Drew graduates in a week from bootcamp, Sam is almost taller than me, Lizzie is growing her hair back out, I hate my job, I’m still hoping to move to Wentzville someday, Carrie had her baby and is back from maternity leave Tuesday, Carrie and I went to dinner Tuesday and had a royal blast! I can’t wait for the new House episodes to start back up, we’re planning to go to Palm Island this summer, I’m madly in love with my husband, I’m very proud of my kids, I’m reading a great book, got stuck in traffic yesterday for and hour and a half after a fatal accident (but I do thank God that I wasn’t involved), Robbie finished his classes for the semester, someone stole a bagel from me at work, I’m ready for spring, I’m glad it’s almost Friday, I’m looking forward to going to Mom and Dad’s on Saturday, I have a mountain of laundry to do again, I’m beginning to really like one of our cats (do NOT tell anyone!), someone called me very smart today and I think that’s about it. That’s what’s been happening lately in short little snippets.